Cormac O'Reilly


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I live with my wife Maggie by the water in Galveston County, Texas, not far from our eldest daughter and her family. We also spend time in Australia, where our youngest daughter and her family live. I've been semi-retired from corporate life for nearly 10 years, which has been both a luxury and a decompression process. These days I work with smaller businesses, which I find great fun. I also do pro bono work for non-profit organizations, typically helping with technology, strategy and management. What time remains I spend either irritating my five grandchildren, on my motorcycle, in my boat or keeping up with technology, which still remains my passion.

My 35 year corporate career was all about making and managing change in world-class companies - I enjoyed every minute of it. As a Chief Information/Chief Technology Officer I was mainly responsible for globalizing and innovating. This meant I led complex International organizations, with budgets as large as $200m. During my career, my wife Maggie and I have had 20 homes, lived in three countries while I flew over 100,000 miles for more years than I care to remember!

I write articles for
The Register, have written/presented many articles and papers and am currently serving on two non-profit Boards of Directors.

The rest of my site details my career, including recent advisory engagement. Specifics highlights out of the box work involving mastering different cultures, building consensus and meeting interesting challenges. If you still have the stamina, International graphically lays out my international experience, while Parallel chronicles my experience with start-ups. Education + adds awards, professional etc.

The O'Reillys - Maggie & Cormac center; Chantal & Grant left - Joanna & Garry right

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