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Cormac O'Reilly


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Advisory - sample of engagements
Celerant - $150m Operational Consultants ; Digital - $9B Services Div.; Schlumberger - $40B oil field services;
Shell - $470B; Costain - $1.7B Intl. Contractor ; $14B BOC Conglomerate ; Unilever - $59B Food etc.

Information Technology - the above covers my 35 year International career; which for the most part has been in well known world-class global companies. My three specialist fields are information technology, strategic change & international management.

As a technologist I initially engineered software and analyzed, redesigned & implemented business systems. This gave me a forensic understanding of how companies work at a transactional level. It also meant that I did innovative work involving organizational behavioral and cultural change. Beyond that, I managed multi-disciplined, often International teams, and at various times, the overall company IT function.
Strategic Change - my strategy experience started in BOC when I initially did the strategy review for Central Services, then BOC's medial division. I developed and presented strategy to the main board for six years in parallel to my senior IT roles. After BOC I was involved to some extent or other in strategy at every organization I worked and was specifically was engaged in major acquisitions and divestments

Advisory Roles - all of this experience meant that I was able to advise troubled businesses on their strategy, organizational development, IT direction and cost reduction - some of the organization I helped are shown in the Advisor box.

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